ENI Cafe Motorcycle

We are raising money for Victory Hammer S or Jackpot to be deemed the official ENI Cafe Motorcycle. My wife (U.S Army Nurse) and I (13 year former U.S. Marine) opened a small cafe in Dover DE. a year and a half ago. Our shop imports coffee from around the world and roast it on-site, to provide a truly wonderful cup of coffee. You can visit our donation site at http://www.gofundme.com/The-ENI-Cafe-Motorcycle

I thought it would be a great idea to build a military themed bike and use it as a platform for launching a coffee program.  Not to mention a really cool bike… There is already a distribution network in place that we can leverage. Those of you who have spent time overseas in recent years may have heard about it “Holy Joe’s Cafe”.

The money collected will go towards the purchase and customizing of the bike. We intend to customize the bike in a military theme. This will become the logo for coffee we will be sending our troops overseas, Veteran’s hospitals, Rehabilitation and/or Counseling Centers for our troops returning home (we’ll let Holy Joe determine this). These logo bags would be donated to these facilities.

The bike will be driven and shown at events we’re able to attend. By having such a bike we believe a good amount of interest will be generated and will assist us in growing our business, which will enable greater contributions.

Donations can be provided in any amount and can be anonymous if you wish. So any assistance you could provide would be appreciated.

In the event we fail to meet our goal, all of the money will be used for initial shipments of coffee.

Other ways you can assist us. We are looking for packaging manufactures who can donate 5lb bags to ship coffee in, labeling for the bags etc… We could also use a sponsor(s) to assist with or cover the cost to customize e.g. paint, military emblems, trailer and stand for events, professional photos and more. In return we will feature your company on our website for as long as we’re in business and on banners used for events.

We know times are tough right now, so if you are unable to to provide a donation, please forward to your friends.

Thank you!

Sean Riley