ENI is embarking on it’s first major campaign. Our goal is to provide is to work with organization such as
Holy Joe’s Cafe to deliver coffee for are troops here at home and abroad. Being that we are just starting out, we will start small and work towards bigger things.

Initially we plan to target regional counseling  centers for our troops returning home and possibly rehabilitation centers. The coffee would be provided at no charge as our (ENI and its Supporters) gratitude for the sacrifices they have made.

The first stage is to generate interest by purchasing and customizing a military theme bike. This bike will be driven and used at events to promote the coffee program. All net proceeds from the event will go towards the purchase and distribution of coffee for our troops. We believe that having this themed bike will not only generate interest in this new coffee program but it will also help grow our business grow. This will lead to larger donations and new programs.

We ask that you donate what you can and share this exciting program with your friends, family and co-workers. No donation is to small…

In the event we fail to meet our goal, any money collect will be used to purchased coffee for delivery to the troops.

If you happen to be a business that provides custom paint jobs and would like to participate in this program let us know.

Sean T. Riley
Semper Fi